History and Editors



American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR) is an independent, faculty peer-reviewed, open-source, no-cost-to-authors, quarterly, multidisciplinary student research journal.  AJUR’s print ISSN 1536-4585 was established in 2002 by Dr. Cliff Chancey of University of Northern Iowa, a true champion of undergraduate research. “Dr. Chancey’s perspective was that the importance of peer-reviewed research articles authored by undergraduates could not be overstated”- as noted in Memoriam dedicated to Cliff. In 2013, for a year, Carl N. Drummond and Cathleen M. Carosella of Indiana University-Purdue University took care of AJUR. Since March of 2014, an independent editorial team has led the AJUR. Rose Throop, the copy editor and print shop liaison in 2014-2018, played the crucial role in defining the current style and aesthetics of AJUR.  The journal obtained the formal Library of Congress web ISBN 2375-8732 and .org web presence in 2014. By the invite in 2015, AJUR has been retroactively internationally indexed by EBSCO. In 2018, AJUR was incorporated in New York State as a formal non-for-profit organization. In 2019, AJUR was registered by Crossref as an organization entitled to provide DOI numbers to all of its articles. AJUR‘s entire content, by the invitation in 2019, is archived by the United States Library of Congress.

The current administrative-editorial team of AJUR is:

Kestutis Bendinskas- Executive Editor (2014- present), editor@ajuronline.org
Tony Contento- Copy Editor, Treasurer (2014-present)
Peter Newell, Editor, Secretary (2016-present)
Daniel Laird- Web Master (2014-present)

Editorial Board of AJUR, sorted by the subject areas reviewed so far:

Dr. Dean Crawford, dean.crawford@oswego.edu

Dr. Richard Redding, rredding@umich.edu

Art History
Dr. Lisa Seppi, lisa.seppi@oswego.edu

Dr. Shashi Kanbur, shashi.kanbur@oswego.edu

Behavioral Neuroscience
Dr. Aileen M. Bailey, ambailey@smcm.edu

Dr. Pamela K. Kerrigan, pamela.kerrigan@mountsaintvincent.edu
Dr. Nin Dingra, ndingra@alaska.edu

Dr. Jorge I. Rodriguez, jorger@clemson.edu
Dr. Jessica Amber Jennings, jjnnings@memphis.edu

Dr. Kevin Daimi, daimikj@udmercy.edu
Dr. John R. Jungck, jungck@udel.edu
Dr. Isabelle Bichindaritz, ibichind@oswego.edu

Biology, Physiology
Dr. David Dunn, david.dunn@oswego.edu

Biology, Developmental
Dr. Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan, p.geethaloganathan@oswego.edu

Biology, Microbiology
Dr. Peter Newell, peter.newell@oswego.edu

Dr. William R. Bromer, wbromer@stfrancis.edu
Dr. Julien Bachelier, julien.bachelier@fu-berlin.de

Dr. Alfredo Castro, castroa@felician.edu
Dr. Charles Kriley, cekriley@gcc.edu
Dr. Vadoud Niri, vadoud.niri@oswego.edu
Dr. Douglas Mulford, dmulfor@emory.edu

Communication Disorders and Sciences
Dr. Kim Tillery, Kim.Tillery@fredonia.edu

Computer Sciences
Dr. Dele Oluwade, deleoluwade@yahoo.com
Dr. Kevin Daimi, daimikj@udmercy.edu
Dr. Levent Ertaul, levent.ertaul@csueastbay.edu
Dr. Mais W Nijim, Mais.Nijim@tamuk.edu

Computational Chemistry
Dr. Alexander Soudackov, alexander.soudackov@yale.edu

Dr. William R. Bromer, wbromer@stfrancis.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Schmitt, elizabeth.schmitt@oswego.edu

Dr. Marcia Burrell, marcia.burrell@oswego.edu

Education, Physics
Dr. Andrew D. Gavrin, agavrin@iupui.edu

Engineering, Electrical
Dr. Michael Omidiora, momidior@bridgeport.edu

Engineering, Environmental
Dr. Eileen M. Cashman, Eileen.Cashman@humboldt.edu

Engineering, Software
Dr. Kevin Daimi, daimikj@udmercy.edu

Environmental Science
Dr. Eileen M. Cashman, Eileen.Cashman@humboldt.edu

Film and Media Studies
Dr. Lauren Steimer, lsteimer@mailbox.sc.edu

Dr. Richard Weyhing, richard.weyhing@oswego.edu
Dr. Murat Yasar, murat.yasar@oswego.edu

Honorary Editorial Board Member
Dr. Lorrie Clemo, lorrie.a.clemo@gmail.com

Bill Wickard, Esq, William.Wickard@KLGates.com

Dr. David Senchina, david.senchina@drake.edu

Literary Studies
Dr. Douglas Guerra, douglas.guerra@oswego.edu

Dr. John Emert, emert@bsu.edu
Dr. Jeffrey J. Boats, boatsjj@udmercy.edu
Dr. J.D. Phillips, jophilli@nmu.edu
Dr. Dele Oluwade, deleoluwade@yahoo.com
Dr. Christopher Baltus, christopher.baltus@oswego.edu
Dr. Mark Baker, mark.baker@oswego.edu

Medical Sciences
Dr. Jessica Amber Jennings, jjnnings@memphis.edu

Dr. Steven Skubis, steven.skubis@oswego.edu

Dr. Juliet Forshaw, juliet.forshaw@oswego.edu

Nanoscience and Chemistry
Dr. Gary Baker, bakergar@missouri.edu

Dr. Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, pamela.scott-johnson@calstatela.edu

Dr. Mohammad Islam, mohammad.islam@oswego.edu

Political Science
Dr. Katia Levintova, levintoe@uwgb.edu

Dr. Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, pamela.scott-johnson@calstatela.edu
Dr. Melanie Dyan Hetzel-Riggin, mdhriggin@gmail.com
Dr. Joseph DW Stephens,  jdstephe@ncat.edu

Social Sciences
Dr. Rena Zito, rzito@elon.edu

Dr. Mark Ecker, mark.ecker@uni.edu
Dr. Mark Baker, mark.baker@oswego.edu

Technology, Engineering
Dr. Recayi Pecen, regpecen@shsu.edu

Thank you for your interest and for your support of undergraduate research.