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American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR) is an independent, faculty peer-reviewed, open-source, no-cost-to-authors, quarterly, multidisciplinary student research journal.  AJUR’s print ISSN 1536-4585 was established in 2002 by Dr. Cliff Chancey of University of Northern Iowa, a true champion of undergraduate research. “Dr. Chancey’s perspective was that the importance of peer-reviewed research articles authored by undergraduates could not be overstated”- as noted in Memoriam dedicated to Cliff. In 2013, for a year, Dr. Carl N. Drummond and Ms. Cathleen M. Carosella of Indiana University-Purdue University took care of AJUR. Since March of 2014, the new editorial team has led the AJUR. The journal obtained the formal Library of Congress web ISBN 2375-8732 and an independent .org web presence in 2014. Since 2015, AJUR has been indexed by EBSCO; retroactively, all issues have been placed in this international indexing system.

The current editorial team of AJUR is:

Kestutis Bendinskas- Editor, editor@ajuronline.org
Tony Contento- Copy Editor
Rose Throop- Print Editor
Daniel Laird- Web Master

Editorial Board of AJUR, sorted by the subject of articles reviewed so far:

Dr. Dean Crawford, dean.crawford@oswego.edu

Art History
Dr. Lisa Seppi, lisa.seppi@oswego.edu

Dr. Shashi Kanbur, shashi.kanbur@oswego.edu

Behavioral Neuroscience
Dr. Aileen M. Bailey, ambailey@smcm.edu

Dr. Pamela K. Kerrigan, pamela.kerrigan@mountsaintvincent.edu
Dr. Nin Dingra, ndingra@alaska.edu

Dr. Jorge I. Rodriguez, jorger@clemson.edu

Dr. Kevin Daimi, daimikj@udmercy.edu
Dr. John R. Jungck, jungck@udel.edu
Dr. Isabelle Bichindaritz, ibichind@oswego.edu

Biology, Physiology
Dr. David Dunn, david.dunn@oswego.edu

Biology, Developmental
Dr. Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan, p.geethaloganathan@oswego.edu

Biology, Microbiology
Dr. Peter Newell, peter.newell@oswego.edu

Dr. William R. Bromer, wbromer@stfrancis.edu
Dr. Julien Bachelier, julien.bachelier@fu-berlin.de

Dr. Alfredo Castro, castroa@felician.edu
Dr. Charles Kriley, cekriley@gcc.edu
Dr. Douglas Mulford, douglas.mulford@emory.edu
Dr. Vadoud Niri, vadoud.niri@oswego.edu

Communication Disorders and Sciences
Dr. Kim Tillery, Kim.Tillery@fredonia.edu

Communication Studies
Dr. Jennifer Gerometta, jgerometta@iona.edu

Computer Sciences
Dr. Dele Oluwade, deleoluwade@yahoo.com
Dr. Kevin Daimi, daimikj@udmercy.edu
Dr. Levent Ertaul, levent.ertaul@csueastbay.edu
Dr. Mais W Nijim, Mais.Nijim@tamuk.edu

Computational Chemistry
Dr. Alexander Soudackov, asouda@illinois.edu

Dr. William R. Bromer, wbromer@stfrancis.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Schmitt, elizabeth.schmitt@oswego.edu

Dr. Marcia Burrell, marcia.burrell@oswego.edu

Education, Physics
Dr. Andrew D. Gavrin, agavrin@iupui.edu

Engineering, Electrical
Dr. Michael Omidiora, momidior@bridgeport.edu

Engineering, Environmental
Dr. Eileen M. Cashman, Eileen.Cashman@humboldt.edu

Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction, Robotics
Dr. Haoyu Wang, wanghao@mail.ccsu.edu

Engineering, Software
Dr. Kevin Daimi, daimikj@udmercy.edu

Environmental Science
Dr. Eileen M. Cashman, Eileen.Cashman@humboldt.edu

Film and Media Studies
Dr. Lauren Steimer, lsteimer@mailbox.sc.edu

Dr. Richard Weyhing, richard.weyhing@oswego.edu
Dr. Murat Yasar, murat.yasar@oswego.edu

Honorary Editorial Board Member
Dr. Lorrie Clemo, lorrie.a.clemo@gmail.com

Bill Wickard, Esq, William.Wickard@KLGates.com

Kinesiology/ Exercise Science
Dr. David Senchina, david.senchina@drake.edu

Literary Studies
Dr. Douglas Guerra, douglas.guerra@oswego.edu

Dr. John Emert, emert@bsu.edu
Dr. Jeffrey J. Boats, boatsjj@udmercy.edu
Dr. J.D. Phillips, jophilli@nmu.edu
Dr. Dele Oluwade, deleoluwade@yahoo.com
Dr. Christopher Baltus, christopher.baltus@oswego.edu
Dr. Mark Baker, mark.baker@oswego.edu

Medical Sciences
Joan Newell, MD, joannewellmd@gmail.com

Dr. Steven Skubis, steven.skubis@oswego.edu

Dr. Juliet Forshaw, juliet.forshaw@oswego.edu

Nanoscience and Chemistry
Dr. Gary Baker, bakergar@missouri.edu

Dr. Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, pamela.scott-johnson@calstatela.edu
Dr. Amy Overman, aoverman@elon.edu

Dr. Carolina Ilie, carolina.ilie@oswego.edu
Dr. Mohammad Islam, mohammad.islam@oswego.edu

Political Science
Dr. Katia Levintova, levintoe@uwgb.edu

Dr. Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, pamela.scott-johnson@calstatela.edu
Dr. Joseph DW Stephens,  jdstephe@ncat.edu

Social Sciences
Dr. Rena Zito, rzito@elon.edu

Dr. Mark Ecker, mark.ecker@uni.edu
Dr. Mark Baker, mark.baker@oswego.edu

Technology, Engineering
Dr. Recayi Pecen, regpecen@shsu.edu

Thank you for your interest and for your support of undergraduate research.